Why are Cases with Flowers SO Attractive? (Science Based)

arreglos florales caja de flores

They say that small details are what acquire great meaning, and flowers are the ideal detail to express feelings that words often cannot, because they are the symbol of living love in every sense.

What woman wouldn't love to come home one day and find an incredible surprise? One of the most recent trends in floral arrangements are boxes that contain floral arrangements with a novel and different presentation, which without a doubt we would all like to receive at some point and even more so if they are Das Blumen® brand.

What makes them so attractive?

The answer has to do with the fact that they activate the 5 senses of our body and operate receptors within the human brain that generate dopamine.

1. Symmetry

The flowers and/or roses are arranged in a symmetrical way inside the box that causes a state of happiness and relief in the human brain. The reason is that we are born with an innate inclination towards everything symmetrical since it acts as a quick warning system within our brain. The combination of symmetry with the beautiful tonality and continuity of the colors of roses or flowers creates that intense feeling of happiness when seeing them.

Premium Cubic Case with Natural Roses

2. Case Quality

In many cases, touch plays an important role in the perception of product quality. The human eye creates, from its perspective, an idea of ​​the attribute that a product has to offer by observing its characteristics. At Das Blumen®, we have high-quality textured cases that envelop the sense of touch and sight in a pleasant experience that are ultimately perceived as sophisticated.

Mini Rectangular Case with Eternal Roses

3. Floral Scent

Our most primitive sense, smell, is easily seduced by pleasant aromas with natural and sweet tones. At Das Blumen® our roses and natural flowers are accompanied with select essences of the highest quality so that the aroma of our products lasts for a long time, thus achieving a space of relaxation and happiness.

The smell of roses can positively stimulate a person

4. Spectacular flavor

Wait wait. Flowers can't be eaten, can they?

Of course not! Here we are talking about the accessories that you can add to your arrangement. Who doesn't like chocolates? They are the perfect complement to make someone fall in love and feel satisfied. We must add that chocolate has positive reactions within the human body, generating dopamine and energy when processed in the stomach. Meet Chocolato® , the delicious truffles and Belgian chocolates of the highest quality inside sophisticated textured cases with hot stamping inside and out.

Chocolates release endorphins in our body causing happiness

5. Detail of Love

It is inevitable to feel euphoria when receiving a personalized and carefully selected gift. The feeling caused by the arrival of an unexpected detail at the door of your house is indescribable and even more so when it arrives with a special message. Das Blumen® has beautiful envelopes with dedication that you can personalize with the right words to reach the heart of that loved person. No more Whatsapp messages or voice notes, let's do it the old style, nothing beats a handwritten message.

Give flowers, stuffed animals and chocolates to the person you love

EXTRA: Son Das Blumen®

We have the widest variety of floral arrangements and we are the only ones in all of Mexico with the exclusive eternal roses that last up to 7 radiant years inside your sophisticated case in the home of that special person. What are you waiting for? Make him/her feel special and brighten his/her day with our catalog .

Our floral arrangements are of the highest quality and freshness in Mexico

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