The Best Gift for your Girlfriend this Valentine's Day

Arreglos Florales Cajas de Flores Flores Novia Novio Regalo San Valentin

The day of Love and Friendship is getting closer and closer and the pressure of not having a specific idea or gift begins to stress us intensely. No matter what the reason is for giving a gift on February 14, flowers will ALWAYS be the right decision. Whether for a friend, for your girlfriend, to celebrate a month together or an anniversary, Das Blumen® floral arrangements are the perfect detail.

Why give Das Blumen® this February 14?

Our Cases

Assembled in an artisanal way, they are made of the highest quality cardboard using imported textured paper with hot stamping. You will feel and observe the maximum quality of our items instantly. There is no comparison on the market that manufactures cases of the quality that we offer.

Our boxes are made of textured cardboard and hot stamp of the highest quality

Freshness of our flowers

After a long search for quality, trust and variety, we found the most honest suppliers with the highest quality and freshest products to arrive at your doorstep with the product excellence you deserve. All our flowers go through a quality filter which is approved by the OMF (Mexican Flower Organization SC).

The freshness of roses and flowers depends on the added chemicals and their care.

Eternal Roses

There is no one on the market that surpasses us in quality and variety of eternal roses !

What are they and how do you get eternal roses?

Our flowers go through a chemical rehydration process, thus managing to retain a pleasant smell for up to 6 months, perfect texture and a bright natural color for up to more than 7 years! When you make a purchase of our eternal models you receive a 1-year warranty on the product.

Preserved roses have a lifespan of up to 7 years

Dual function

Our floral arrangements are not like any other arrangement that withers within days and goes from being a beautiful gift the first day and a huge loss the next. Thanks to the luxurious design of our cases and the freshness of our products, your arrangement will have a long life that will make way for it to remain in your home as part of the decoration for a long time (more so if your product is one of our eternal models). We have customers who even continue to display their arrangements as decorations after the flowers have faded!

Our floral arrangements work as decoration for your home


All our models have the customization option where you can choose the color of your case and the floral arrangement of your choice. With more than 24 combinations you will be able to put together the perfect detail for that special person. Our products also include an envelope with a dedication to express your feelings and words to that person, achieving the perfect finishing touch to convey what you feel.

Premium Cubic Case with Natural Roses

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