Ideas to Propose Marriage

Matrimonio Propuesta

Do you feel like it's the right time but you don't know how to propose? This is more common than you think... Thanks to social networks and the infinite marriage proposal ideas around them we find ourselves in a dilemma "What original idea can I come up with to surprise her?" We will help you prepare so that this moment is fantastic and unforgettable.

We present you the best ideas so that your girlfriend does not hesitate for a second to say "yes".

The first date

Do you remember the place where you met or where you went on your first date? Bringing back precious memories from the past is one of the best ideas so that the moment becomes the right one. Talk about what your first impression was when you met, what attracted you most to her, what you did to talk to her for the first time, every detail counts. Remind him what it was like to fall in love and meet for the first time. Don't forget to accompany that moment with roses and accessories .

Marriage proposal on the first date

Use Lights

There is nothing more beautiful than being in a lit environment for your wedding request. Use candles, light bulbs and/or fire to brighten that moment. Set up a table with food, flowers , balloons , chocolates and some of their favorite activities before proposing to lift their spirits.

Marriage Proposal with Decoration with lights

With your pet

They are definitely part of the family too. If you and your partner have a little animal, which is very important in your life, include it to help you in this great moment. You can put the ring on his collar, hang a sign on him, or train him to carry the box.

Ask your pet for help in proposing marriage

On the beach

It is one of the classics of romantic proposals. Kneeling while taking a walk on the beach is every girl's dream.

Marriage Proposal on the Beach

Balloons with Messages

You can do it at home or in one of your favorite places. Create your message using letter balloons to tell them that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. The most common messages are Marry Me, Marry Me, I Love You or using the initials of their names. Create your favorite phrase here .

Propose marriage using letter balloons

A wonderful trip

A trip to your favorite destination or that city you always wanted to go to is the best excuse to get down on one knee and propose. Discover what their favorite or dream place is and embark on a plan with a variety of activities.

Tell her how much you love her during a trip abroad

At home

You can have a small party with all your friends and family. Ask your friends and family to help you decorate the place. Use cases with flowers to decorate, create a playlist with your favorite music, a perfect dinner, wine and activities that prepare the mood to propose. Think about what you love most about it, write it down and practice it. When the time is right, make her feel special and loved in front of all the guests by expressing everything you feel for her. There is no doubt that he will say yes.

Give her Das Blumen flowers to propose marriage

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