The Meaning of Flower Color

colores flores rosas

Giving flowers is considered one of the most sophisticated gestures of love and friendship. We regularly give them as gifts without knowing their meaning but, unconsciously, the color represents a value in the reason for the gift.

Have you heard about color psychology? Black is elegant and mysterious, red is strong and passionate, blue generates confidence, yellow shows joy and so we can go with the list of colors. This also has a similar effect on the color of the flowers, carefully choosing the color that comes to mind when you think of that special person is not a coincidence and has a special meaning.

What is the meaning of each color in flowers and roses?


It represents very strong and passionate emotions. It is a stimulating color, it can affect human metabolism, increase respiratory rate and even increase blood pressure. Red in roses symbolizes love and sensuality, evokes strong emotions and increases passion. Give red roses to that person you want to conquer, fall in love with or show how much you love them.

Red roses have a sexual stimulating effect on your partner


It is defined by its relationship with the sun, which is why this color is mainly related to good humor, joy, and is considered an energizing color. Yellow roses or sunflowers communicate joy, happiness, brightness, laughter and warmth. Give sunflowers to that person who evokes happy and bright emotions in you, tell him/her that like this flower, she/he also provokes joy and causes a positive effect on his/her environment.

Sunflowers communicate the joy and warmth of a person


This color represents pure and innocent emotions. In flowers it communicates tenderness, love and innocence. It's the perfect color to say, "You're the cutest person I've ever met." Tulips are the most suitable flowers to communicate this thanks to their hues and freshness.

Tulips are very attractive flowers for women.


It is the color of purity in its excellence. It communicates peace, simplicity, cleanliness, transparency and freshness. In flowers or roses this color means eternal and pure love. Orchids are perfect to give as gifts since their pure color, elegance and long life perfectly represent this color. It is mom's favorite gift, a good gift is to send orchids this Mother's Day.

Orchids express peace, tranquility and longevity.

Now that you know the meaning of colors in flowers, choose the one that communicates your emotions in detail and delight him/her with one of our arrangements . We assure you that Das Blumen® is your best option in quality, elegance and freshness.

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